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Physical and Mental Disabilities

More than 56 million people in the United States suffer from mental and physical disabilities, according to the United States Census Bureau. Some people have a mixture of physical and mental disabilities. The dictionary definition of a disability is the consequence of an impairment. An impairment is something that hinders a person from normal functionality in one or several aspects of life. A disability can be mild, moderate or severe, and it can be short-term or long-term. The following are some examples of disabilities so that an interested person can gain an understanding:

Physical Disabilities

Physical disabilities are any disabilities that prevent a person from using a specific body part. They may include disabilities that leave the person sickly or week frequently, as well. These disabilities include physical illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. Examples of some additional common physical disabilities are paraplegia, arthritis, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, Parkinsonís disease and more. Many people who have physical disabilities use wheelchairs to get around the home and in public. Some physically disabled people can function on their own with minimal assistance from medications.

Mental Disabilities

Mental disabilities are disabilities that hinder a personís mental growth. Some mental disabilities hinder the way a person sees the world or perceives other people. Examples of mental disabilities that affect a personís perception are unipolar depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Examples of mental disabilities that affect a personís social abilities or learning capabilities include autism, Downís syndrome and Aspergerís syndrome. Disorders that affect the way people interact with other people include antisocial personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder and the like. Mental disabilities can hinder a person greatly, or they can cause slight difficulties in everyday life.

Working With a Physical or Mental Disability

A physical or mental disability does not necessarily bar someone from employment. The condition may cause challenges obtaining a position, but laws are intact to protect disabled citizens from discrimination once they enter the workforce. The laws are intact to protect them from discrimination during the hiring process, as well, but, unfortunately, some employers may still discriminate. The most prevalent Act that protects disabled people is the Americans With Disabilities Act. The ADA governs the way employers treat people during the recruitment and employment process as well as the way they terminate people. Employers may not terminate disabled persons because of their handicaps. Additionally, they are to accommodate such persons if they request the accommodations. Accommodations may include increased break periods, hearing devices or ramp access.

Maintain Relationships With a Physical or Mental Disability

Physical and mental disabilities may have some challenges in terms of relationships, but everyone has a right to be happy. Two disabled persons can have a long-lasting and loving relationship if they find that they are compatible in various areas. Online dating services for handicap individuals are available so that people can connect with other people who share the same challenges they share. By signing up for an online dating service, the disabled person is opening up a world of possibilities to meet friendly people who share in their daily trials. The two persons can offer each other love and support through the storms of life.

Signing up for an Online Dating Site

Signing up for an online dating site can be easy depending of your health condition. You can also ask a friend to help you. A new member will need to submit an email address and additional information such as date of birth, gender and preference to sign up for membership. Once the membership application is complete, the person can search for other disabled individuals by location. The individual can review the profiles of several people to determine if someone is fit for him or her. Getting to know another disabled individual can start with a friendly email. The emails may develop into speaking on the phone, and phone conversations may develop into an initial meeting.

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